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Jacqui Bell

Jacqui Bell


Jacqui Bell is a 25-year-old Ultra Marathon Runner from Brisbane who in 2018 became the Youngest Female in the World to complete Racing the Planets x4 250km runs across 4 of the harshest deserts in the world.

Each 250km race is over 7 days and fully self-supported. Jacqui completed the first race across the Namibian Desert where she placed 1st in the 29 and under's category. She then headed to Mongolia in July, Chile in September and finished the year in Antarctica. Outside of running Jacqui works at F45 and 12 Rounds of Fitness, making it super important to her to supplement her training with good nutrition. Jacqui loves to inspire those around her to get the most out of life.


How often do you train?
My training varies – I try to run once a day and then do a second session of strength, yoga, swimming or cycling. In the lead up to these events, my peak running weeks can be up to 150km’s+.

How do you take your supplements?
I use my True VEGAN85 after each big session and I vary up mixing it with water or sometimes a little plant-based milk, banana, dairy-free yoghurt, oats, peanut butter if I have had a long run session! It is vital after a long run to get a recovery drink in within 30 minutes! Additionally, if I am feeling a little flat or drained after a big shift at work I will use my True Pre to give me a little boost to get in and smash out a session!

What’s your favourite True supplement?
The Rich Chocolate VEGAN85 is delicious! I can't go past it