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Christie Jenkins

Christie Jenkins


Christie Jenkins has been the number one ranked athlete in the country and represented Australia in three different sports during her career as an athlete – we guess she has been very busy! Christie started off in trampolining, wearing leotards and turning triple somersaults nine meters in the air. Then she found CrossFit and had the unreal experience of winning Regionals and heading to the CrossFit Games as part of the CrossFit Athletic® team. Currently Christie plays on the World Tour in the sport of beach volleyball, so her office is literally the beach. Jealous anyone?
Christie is a known chocoholic (love the True Cacao), travel obsessed (35 countries and counting), reader (she refuses to watch TV - just read books), professional speaker (on the topic of the psychology of high performance), and sleepy head (10 hours a night is a good night’s sleep).

How often do you train?
8-10 sessions a week (about 20 hours) – most of those on the sand, and a couple of sessions in the gym. Then there’s the hours spent on recovery including massage, stretching, and rolling out – try using those True Protein conjoined lacrosse balls on your quads, painful but very effective.

Do you have a favourite training song or quote you train by?
So many that apply at different times, but a few favourites are:
‘Today I shall behave as if this is the day I will be remembered.’ (Dr. Seuss) I love this as a reminder that character is the most important thing, and it’s always within your control.
‘Enthusiasm is common. Endurance is rare.’ (Angela Duckworth) On the tough days it’s a good reminder that just showing up and training already puts you ahead of those people who only work when they feel motivated.

‘When you are good, you study the competition. When you are great, the competition studies you. When you’re unstoppable, there is no competition.’ (Tim Grover) This quote embodies what I’m aiming for – to be so good that your ‘average’ performance is still good enough to win.

‘We do not rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training. (Archilochus) A reminder that if you can’t do a skill consistently in training, don’t expect to be able to perform it under the pressure of competition.

How do you take your supplements?
First thing in the morning to start the day off right (often in a smoothie form – so delicious!) Then during training, especially in the sport of beach volleyball, electrolytes are super important because you sweat a lot under the hot sun. Post-training I love the ZMA blend to help with recovery (actually this tastes so good I just want to drink it all the time).

What is your favourite True Protein supplement and why?
I’ve really noticed significant performance increases from the Creatine Mono product – it lets me continue to make max effort jumps and sprints even after I would normally start to fatigue.
Also… I’m somewhat obsessed with the natural nut butters – yummy!​