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Adrian "Ace" Buchan


How often do you train?
Every day looks different which is fun. It really depends on the surf. Ideally, I’m up early chasing good waves for the morning then I'll be in the gym or training outside once the wind is up.

How do you take your supplements?
I’m mostly on the road with the tour so my go-to travel essentials are Vegan 85 Protein and the Toasted Coconut Protein bars for post-training or in between heat snacks. ZMA for big days - which is almost every day when you have three kids and a surf addiction. Plus Greens to make sure I’m getting what I need!

What’s your favourite True supplement?
I’d have to say the Vegan85 Raw Coconut. I just love it in a smoothie with frozen banana, blueberries, almond milk, tahini, cinnamon and honey!



Ace is entering his 15th consecutive year as part of the worlds elite Championship Tour. He has remained in the Top 20 for the duration and has had blue ribbon wins at Teahupo’o, Tahiti and Hossegor, France, both against Kelly Slater. He has numerous finals and podium finishes under his belt as well as victories in the World Qualifying series including his home event at Avoca Beach on the Central Coast of Australia. Having had a phenomenal junior career and holding two World Junior Titles and two Australasian Pro Junior Series championships, he is regarded as one of the most technically precise and complete surfers on tour.

Ace, a father of three, now strives to use his platform and the huge reach of the WSL to inspire positive change in areas that he is passionate about. These are most notably the environment, through his work with WSL PURE, and mental health and education for children. He is a published children’s author and feels a strong responsibility to give back to the ocean itself and the next generation of surfers.