True Matcha Protein Balls

By Tammy Kacev | @tammynutrition
3 January 2017

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Sometimes our days run away with us and our weeks get very busy we end up eating unhealthy snacks when hungry. Here is a quick and easy recipe for a healthy snack to keep at your desk or in your bag. 


2 cup almond meal 
1/2 cup dried figs (pitted)
½ cup milk
2 tbsp of true protein chia seeds •
4 tbsp coconut oil 
1 serving True protein matcha green tea powder
1 Scoop Vanilla True Protein powder 
¼ cup dates (pitted)
4 tbsp shredded coconut 


1. Put all of the ingredients into the mixing bowl
2. Mix all of the ingredients together, until moist but firm enough to stick together.
3. Roll the mixture into the size protein balls you want 
4. Put it in the fridge to set for about half

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