Top 6 shoulder forming exercises

By True Protein
18 September 2014

The majority of people can sometimes experience issues when overloading on Shoulder/Trap day. They are simply executing too many different movements, and often choosing weights heavier than they need to be. To isolate and recruit the correct muscle groups, especially shoulders, requires excellent form!

Here we are trying to give you the 6 best exercises to perform that provide a balanced routine for the entire shoulder group. That means recruiting your lats, the full range of delts and getting those traps working well.


#1 Military press

Following the trend here, stay conservative with the amount of plates you throw on the bar and focus on engaging your shoulder to perform the movement not your legs. At the peak of the lift, that bar should be locked out above your head and very slightly behind it. Perform four sets of eight.

#2 Shrugs

Shrugs can be deceiving with many people opting for enormous weight and getting minimal movement, check your ego drop a plate of each side of the bar and aim for four sets of 20 reps, holding the top position for at least a second to get the maximum improvement. The tip is to move as if you are trying to touch your ears with your shoulders.

#3 Upright Row

Again do not overdo it on the weight choice here, you should comfortably hit 6-8 reps but go for 10. Form is everything with this movement so concentrate on getting that right before you go with any sort of weight. This exercise is not recommended for people with Rotator Cuff problems and the best equipment to use is an EZ Curl bar or dumbells, a standard barbell can put excess strain on your wrists so avoid it if you can.

Delt Raises

Superset these moves three times. This means performing them back to back, with no rest, for 10 reps each. 30 reps I hear you say, yes! So stay on the lighter side with your dumbbell selection, trying to keep only a minimal bend in your elbows. Each movement isolates a different part of your Deltoid group so make sure you hit 10 for each to keep the proportioned gains.

#4 Rear Delt Raise



#5 Side Delt Raise


#6 Front Delt Raise





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