How Supplements Can Help...

Justin Chapman by Justin Chapman 16 June 2014

We discuss macro nutrients and how supplements can work in with your nutrition and training to help you get better results

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How Supplements Can Help...

So you’ve made a decision to get in shape - good on you!  Perhaps at this stage, your willpower and focus is strong but you have absolutely no clue how to reach your goals.  Maybe you’ve done some research on the internet or with friends but you’re finding everything a little overwhelming.  Look no further, The True Protein Team is here to demystify the whole process. Before we discuss nutrition in more depth, it’s worth looking at the overall nutrient goals that are required to help you succeed in reaching your goals.

Key Nutrient Groups

These nutrient groups should form the basis of all meals throughout the day and can be manipulated to enhance your progress. Put simply, by adjusting the intake of these 3 core nutrient groups, you provide your body with the platform it needs to achieve certain goals whether they be building muscle or weight loss. For future reference, your daily protein, fat and carbohydrate goals will be referred to as macro nutrient goals.

Why Use Supplements?

Key Point #1

Supplements act as a convenient MEAL REPLACEMENT to make sure you hit your macro nutrient goals for the day.

Through supplementation we can make sure we hit our daily macro nutrients goals conveniently and also can improve our performance during intense activity. For the majority of us, the daily recommended intake of protein to build muscle is 1.5g per kg of bodyweight.  In an 80kg male this would equate to 120g per day. Most of us simply do not have the time to hit this quota, which is why having a premium quality protein powder to hand can be extremely helpful and convenient.

Key Point #2

Supplements have nutritional profiles that differ from regular foods and when utilised at the right times can significantly BOOST PERFORMANCE AND RECOVERY.

Many supplements are faster releasing than wholefoods and can therefore be utilised in periods where rapid energy or amino acids (building blocks of muscle contained in protein) are required to increase performance/recovery for your sport or gym sessions (generally pre or post workout).

Key Point #3

Supplements are able to offer HIGHER DOSAGES of substances that are proven to increase performance but would be HARD TO FIND IN WHOLEFOODS

Some supplements like creatine and our amino acids range have scientific research linking enhanced performance with added supplementation into your diet. For example, creatine is present in small quantities in red meats.  However from an athletic perspective, by supplementing 5g into your daily nutrition, you can gain significant benefits. 



About True Protein

True Protein helps you achieve the best possible results with pure, simple and natural ingredients.  Our products are created from only the best quality raw ingredients and 100% natural flavourings to be more nutritious for your body and better for your taste buds.  We offer you full transparency on ingredients so you know exactly what goes into your body.  Read more

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