High Protein Matcha Pancakes

Mal V | @lutzofplants by Mal V | @lutzofplants 6 February 2018

Make your mornings more exciting with these green matcha pancakes

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High Protein Matcha Pancakes

Makes 1 stack


10g vital wheat gluten

30g white plain flour (or oat flour)

16g True Protein Vegan85 French Vanilla protein powder

10g True Protein Matcha Powder

1 tsp baking powder

Stevia, to taste

110g soy milk



1.   Combine dry ingredients.

2.   Slowly add in liquid ingredients to thoroughly combine (or put everything into a blender and combine).

3.   Pour batter into a pan on medium heat. Flip when the edges turn golden or when bubbles appear throughout the pancake. Cook on the other side for 60-90 seconds.

4.   Repeat step 3 until all batter is used.

5.   Stack pancake and serve.


Topping suggestion

Use True Protein Peanut Butter Powder, cinnamon and stevia to create a low-fat peanut butter sauce. Add frozen raspberries to the peanut butter to create a peanut butter and jelly topping.

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