6 True Products to Improve your Health and Lifestyle

By Monique SC
9 April 2017

Superfood powders for boosting health


If you have landed on this blog post you are most likely looking to improve your health and your lifestyle. This blog is here to help you find out what products would be best suited to you on your health journey. Our range of health products alongside with a healthy diet, regular exercise can fight illness and stress. If you want to feel amazing from the inside and out our health and lifestyle range is for you. 


What does Health mean?

We hear about living a “Healthy Lifestyle “everywhere now a days but it’s important to stop and really break it down and understand what it means.  By definition, it means being in a state free from illness or injury, i.e good physical condition, and fitness.  It is clear that our physical health is important but so is our wellbeing which includes not only the body but the mind.  Health can mean so many different things to so many people but to keep things simple we will help you find products that can help get the most out of your day whilst feeling healthy. 


How can your improve your health?

There are many ways to improve your health and not limited to your diet, supplements, exercise, and meditation. The best ways to improve your physical health is through finding a balance in your life between work, family, social, and fitness. Keeping everything balanced is a key factor to allowing your body to absorb and retain all the amazing ingredients our health and lifestyle products have to offer. 


Boost your Immunity

To boost your immune system and reduce stress try our True Raw Cacao Powder and True Organic Greens Powder. 

True Raw Cacao Powder

True Organic Cocoa is a premium certified organic cocoa powder originating from Peru. It is rich in good fats, fibre, and minerals such as iron and magnesium. Cacao has been tested and proven to improve the following: 

-Brain and heart health
-Reduce stress
-Increase your immune system health
-People with high blood pressure have been able to manage their blood pressure better through introducing cacao into their diet. 
-Improve blood to flow. 
-Cacao can improve insulin sensitivity 


True Organic Greens Powder

Great source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. 
Get your morning boost of the following elements:
- Potassium
-Beta carotene
-B1, B2, B6, C, 
-Folic acid
-Pantothenic acid


Boost your energy levels

To give you the best possible start to the day try True Organic Acai Berry and True Vitamin C Powder. Easily added to your morning smoothie. 

True Organic Acai Berry 

Acai has scientifically been proven to improve overall health. Acai is a great source of the following elements:
-Monounsaturated fats
-Vitamin A


True Vitamin C Powder

Vitamin C cannot be produced by the human body, therefore, it is essential you are getting it in your daily diet. Our True Vitamin C powder is pure no added ingredients like other sources of vitamin C on the market and will help you ward off the free radicals that damage your cells causing a number of illnesses. Prevent getting sick and have a scoop of our Vitamin C powder everyday. 

Improve your metabolism and stomach

To improve your metabolism and gut health try our True Organic Psyllium Husk Powder and True Organic Matcha Green Tea.

True Organic Psyllium Husk Powder

If you need more fibre in your diet and want to improve your stomach and colon health then psyllium husk powder is perfect for you. 

-High in dietary Fibre
-Improves stomach health
-improves colon health
-Improves digestive functions
-Alleviates irritable bowel syndrome
-Regulates digestive system 

True Organic Matcha Green Tea.

Matcha Green tea is a great alternative to coffee and promotes a healthy digestive system.
-Increase bowl movements
-Fights colon diseases
-Improves digestive functionality and health
-Breaks down fat cells in the body

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