Sammy Wood

Sammy Wood


Sammy Wood has been into CrossFit® for many years now and comes from a background of top level gymnastics means she has taken to the sport like a duck to water.

Sammy’s record is nothing short of special with the 2013 CrossFit® Open placing 17th individually and a 4th place team finish with the ever strong CrossFit® Athletic Team at the Regionals. She has gone on to better those impressive results with a 1st place win with CrossFit® Athletic at the Regionals in 2014 and even took 1st place in the first event of the CrossFit® games in 2014, one of her proudest moments!

At 29 years old there is still a lot to see from this hardworking, energetic and bubbly character and True Protein are very excited to have her in the #TeamTP colours, Sammy will, of course, be one to watch in the coming seasons!


How often do you train?
I Train 5 days per week, and twice per day. Before and after work. On the two days that I don't train, I do active Recovery.

How do you take your supplements and how often?
Depending on the session, I either take Pre Workout or endurance, and after the session, I will take Post Workout

What’s your favourite supplement?
My favourite shop is all three from above:
1. Chocolate post workout
2. Lemon pre workout
3. Endurance (no flavour)


Sammy's Favourite Products


Sammy is a full-time Branch Manager at ANZ Bank in Dee Why and trains as much as she can in her spare time.

Sammy started CrossFit® in July 2011. Since then she has competed in her first Regionals as an individual in 2012 where she placed 21st overall.
2013: Regionals - Team for CrossFit Athletic 4th
2014: Regionals - Team CrossFit Athletic 1st Place
2014: CrossFit Games® - Team 11th
2015: Regionals - Individual - 5th Place
2015: CrossFit Games® - 12th Place individual
2016: Regionals - Individual - 9th place
2016: CrossFit Games® - Team CrossFit Athletic 10th


Fran: 2.37
Grace: 1.18
Clean & Jerk: 95kg / 235#
Back Squat: 116kg
Snatch: 80kg / 205#
Deadlift: 143kg


“Take your time to learn everything. Technique is sooo important, so don’t go too heavy too fast. Listen to your body when you are sore, and take a day off. CrossFit can become very addictive, and you will make so many gains, but listen to those around you when they give you advice.”