Sammy Wood

Sammy Wood


Sammy Wood has been into CrossFit® for many years now and comes from a background of top-level gymnastics means she has taken to the sport like a duck to water.

Sammy’s record is nothing short of special with the 2013 CrossFit® Open placing 17th individually and a 4th place team finish with the ever strong CrossFit® Athletic Team at the Regionals. She has gone on to better those impressive results with a 1st place win with CrossFit® Athletic at the Regionals in 2014 and even took 1st place in the first event of the CrossFit® games in 2014, one of her proudest moments!

How often do you train?
I train 5 days per week, and twice per day. Before and after work. On the two days that I don't train, I do active recovery.

Do you have a favourite song or quotes that you train to?
I listen to my body and this is my quote I keep repeating to myself like a mantra: “Take your time to learn everything. Technique is so important, so don’t go too heavy too fast. Listen to your body when you are sore, and take a day off. CrossFit can become very addictive, and you will make so many gains, but listen to those around you when they give you advice.”

How do you take your supplements and how often?
Depending on the session, I either take Pre Workout or Endurance, and after the session, I will take Post Workout


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