Peter Day

Peter Day


Peter is a multi-sport and performance athlete with a background as an ex-professional footballer and national swimmer.

He is also the current F45 Playoffs World Champion – a global fitness test turned competition which has a focus on all elements of elite athletes - speed, strength, agility, endurance, mobility and power. He also holds the record for the highest score across the gruelling 10 minute course which over 10,000 people have completed.

Thriving off the challenge of pushing his body to the limit, Peter also competes up there with the best at various competitions such as obstacle course races and other testing fitness related events across the year. Look out for him as he looks to defend is F45 World Title later this year!


How often do you train?
I train 9-10 times a week with a few recovery sessions in there also.

How do you use your supplements?
This varies depending on how I am feeling. I am a big fan of listening to your body and understanding what you need at that time. Having my Premium Whey Isolate post a big workout is a must - I have it with water as your body can absorb the nutrients faster and process what you need, particularly while you are in your metabolic window (within 30 minutes of your session ending). If I am feeling a bit tired before the session, I will have a True Pre to get my energy up as well, but I am generally an afternoon trainer so I only use this in times where I feel I need a boost. Times where I am using the proteins as more of a meal outside of my workout times I love to add more flavour to it. My favourite combo is 2 scoops of Choc Isolate or Concentrate (depending on what I am having at the time), 1 banana, Almond Milk, Ice, a few blueberries and a bit of honey - try that and tell me it's not amazing!

What is your favourite True supplement?
Premium Whey Protein Isolate in chocolate - best flavour by far!


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