Mitchell Sinnamon

Mitchell Sinnamon


Mitchell Sinnamon is a driven and passionate athlete with a background of hard work in the Navy. He started Crossfit late 2011, completed his first competition in 2012, and started getting serious in 2014 when he competed at his first regionals in team Schwartz. With a constant want to challenge himself and push his body past it’s limits, he knew not long after that Crossfit was a perfect fit.


How often do you train?
I train twice a day and generally 5 days a week.

How do you use your supplements?
I supplement throughout the whole day, using True products not only around my training but in the mornings and at night too. During my training sessions, I take True Intra blend and BCAA’s, followed by the Post blend straight after my session. In the mornings I use WPI90 coconut with yoghurt, oats and berries and at night I use the ZMA blend as well as the Night85 protein not long before bed.

What are your favourite supplements?

What are your Fitness Goals?
To better myself as an athlete & individual a little bit more every single day and to find new challenges that will continue to test me.


Back Squat - 240kg
Snatch - 125kg
Clean & Jerk - 156.5kg
Deadlift - 225kg
Fran - 2.32 minutes/seconds
Grace- 1.12 minutes/seconds


  • 2017 CrossFit Games 39th Place
  • 2017 Pacific Regionals 5th place
  • 2017 Australian Open - 6th place
  • 2016 CrossFit Games - 37th place
  • 2016 Pacific Regionals - 5th place
  • 2016 Australian Open - 12th place