Matt Reilly

Matt Reilly


Matt Reilly played representative basketball growing up and was also fiercely competitive in the pool as a youngster.  He started CrossFit® in 2012 and has since been to regionals 3 years in a row.  He now owns his own affiliate CrossFit® Urge.

Matt is very much centered on nutrition. He has tried a range of diets and substitutions to complement his busy fitness-based life. Having tried the paleo diet and dabbled with the zone diet, Matt has settled on being comfortable with just eating a variety of real, wholesome foods. Matt doesn't worry about measuring quantities and he eats when it is convenient.  He always looks forward to his Saturday night special cheat meal - nachos!!

What are your favourite True Protein products? 

Hands down I love the True Pre Workout. I love the sourness and it always gets me ready for a solid session.  Second to that would have to be the Endurance in the Raw Unflavouredstacked with Ajinomoto BCAA and Ajinomoto Glutamine, I sip on this throughout my session, it really has a sweet taste and keeps me from feeling fatigue on my bigger sessions. Lastly, WPI90 in Rich Chocolate post training- knowing I have one of these bad boys waiting for after the session is the best feeling.


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