Khalil Senopati

Khalil Senopati


When it comes to fitness, we are talking about lifestyle. A way of living with a journey to greatness within oneself. Khalil is a living example of fitness lifestyle. Being shredded, healthy and functional all year round motivating those around him and inspiring the uninspired.

With a total of 16 years in martial arts experience and 4 years in Yoga Khalil also has a greater understanding of the body's mind to muscle connection. Khalil works as a full time personal trainer specialising in strength & conditioning, weight loss, muscle gain & a varieties of martial arts techniques of both ring & self defence.

Being Shredded & symmetrically aesthetic all year round is not as easy as most people think. The right nutrition has always been the key. Luckily True Protein have made things a lot easier than ever. Having products that contain very little to virtually zero of the stuff you body don't really need & having a lot of the good stuff that your body absolutely needs.

Teaming up with True Protein have really been a game changer in so many levels & from here, things will only get better.