Justine Beath

Justine Beath


Justine Beath originally became involved in Crossfit® because she was unfit and wanted to get "in shape".  Even though Justine didn't come from an athletic background, she quickly discovered her ambition for constant improvement. A real measure of her determination and focus can be seen from her training schedule - Justine trains an immense 6 times per week and sometimes even twice a day!

A keen competitor, Justine has competed at regionals since 2010, as part of a team for the first two years then as an individual since 2012.  Considered one of the strongest females in Australian/NZ CrossFit®, Justine has a 140kg back squat, 120kg front squat and a 107.5kg clean.

Justine believes it is her willingness to learn and desire to get better that has driven her success, commenting "It's all mental."  True Protein is proud to sponsor Justine and to help her achieve her goals.

Justine is a CrossFit® Athlete who is dedicated to her training and always strives for PB’s. She has made 6 CrossFit® ’regional’ appearances and placed 4th in the Pacific Regional and Qualified for the World CrossFit® games in 2016. 

How often do you train?
I mostly train 6 days a week with most days being twice a day. It does depend on the time of year though.

How do you take your supplements?
Typically, I will use water, milk, or coconut water with my shakes. I take True Pre Workout 20 minutes before I train and True Post Workout 20 minutes following training. Additionally, I take the True ZMA blend before I go to bed and on heavy training, I'll also have some True Night 85. Throughout the day I will use WPI90 as a snack. My favourite WPI90 flavours at the moment are Raw Coconut, Rich Chocolate and Strawberries & Cream, I also love the Apple & Cinnamon added to yoghurt.

What’s your favourite supplement?
I absolutely love True Post. Love it with ice cold water straight after I finish training. My personal favourite concoction is 1 scoop of Rich Chocolate Oats and Whey, and 1 scoop of coconut with ice cold milk! It’s delicious!

What’s your opinion on nutrition?

I really believe a well-balanced diet and eating proper food is the key to optimal health and performance. Being a trainer and an athlete I am up early training people, doing my own training throughout the day and then working again until late in the evening. It can be hard to make sure I am eating enough food, especially when I have a busy day.

I have never really been one into taking supplements but since trying True Protein, I have been converted!  It allows me to ensure I am getting enough fuel for my workouts and maximises my recovery.

The thing I like about True Protein is that they use natural products, no artificial sweeteners, it actually tastes good and it's actually good for you!


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