Joel Munro

Joel Munro


Joel is originally from the Gold Coast where he played Rugby League.  He grew up representing Gold Coast Titans U/18s and is now playing for the Australian Defence Forces Rugby League. Joel is in the RAAF, currently based in Newcastle and trains at Raw Commando. His love for sport, fitness and always being competitive is what got him into starting CrossFit® and what drives him to keep pushing further to succeed.


Joel's Stats

Snatch: 110kg

Clean & Jerk: 135kg

Back Squat: 170kg

Deadlift: 220kg

Bench Press: 135kg

Fran: 2:10

Diane: 1:47

Fight Gone Bad: 510 reps

Pacific Regionals 2015 Individual Competitor: 15th Place


How often do you train?
I usually train twice a day, morning and evening with Sunday as a rest day depending on how I am feeling. I generally like to stay moving as I feel I recover better when I’m constantly doing something.

How do you take your supplements?
I take my True Protein supplements every day. First thing each morning I have my True Greens and around training times I have my True Pre, True Post, Creatine, and Glutamine.

What’s your favourite supplement?
True Pre with caffeine is my favourite product.