Courtney Lee Fitzharris

Courtney Lee Fitzharris


Courtney Fitzharris is a 23-year-old hard working athlete who loves CrossFit®. With a background of high-level representative soccer. She started CrossFit® at the age of 15. She has been to 7 regionals and has been a part of a team 2 years in a row at the CrossFit Games®. Determined and driven to achieve her goals of making it to the CrossFit Games®.

Do you have a favourite quote or song that you train by? 

I love training to music that I can sing and dance to no matter how fast-paced or slow the song may be. e.g Ziggy Alberts to 2000s RnB or the daily top hits.

How often do you train?
I pretty much train 6 days a week with either a complete full rest day or an active recovery day. Which could consist of some conditioning or skill work or both.

How do you take your supplements?

Every morning I make protein oats so use the WPI90 Rich Chocolate. On big days I'll sometimes use the Pre Workout on comp days that's a must. On high volume days, I will use Post Workout in Rich Chocolate for some extra carbs. Every so often I will also use the Night 85 in my yoghurt and in mornings have the Greens, Beet, and Creatine Mono powders. I also have ZMA before bed.


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