What is CrossFit?

By Meredith Julliard
29 August 2014


Put simply CrossFit is a training methodology consisting of gymnastic skills, olympic lifting, strength and metabolic conditioning.

CrossFit originated out of the idea that "true fitness" should show capacity across a broad spectrum of modalities. Meaning, are you truly fit if you are strong but slow, or fast but weak? So rather than focusing on one specific element of fitness, CrossFit training works to develop strength, speed, balance, mobility, endurance and the ability to adapt to different and constantly varied stimulus.

CrossFit gyms or "boxes" as they are commonly called, have daily WOD's (workout of the day). During these WOD's coaches instruct their classes through warm ups, strength or skill work, and depending on the programming that day, some duration of intense conditioning.

Scaled options and clever progressions opens this growing phenomenon up to anyone looking to gain true fitness whether you're an everyday athlete looking to get fit and healthy, or a more savvy athlete.  CrossFit is for everyone.

Do yourself a favour and check out your local CrossFit box and be part of something great.


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