By Justin Chapman
22 May 2014

Let’s be clear – you need to know what is going into your body

At True Protein, we believe you should know exactly what you’re consuming.  After all, most people are using supplements because of their health benefits.  For this reason, we offer transparency and disclosure around our raw materials and ingredients.

Not every company approaches their products in this way, so let’s take a look at some common industry tactics to look out for when purchasing your supplements.

Common Industry Tactics

1. The Proprietary Blend

A proprietary blend is when a company lists a whole range of ingredients in a blend but with no indication of the actual ratio. The biggest culprits of these tactics tend to be the “big brands” and below is a random example of a typical proprietary blend.  Let’s breakdown what this means.

a)  It’s a long, long list – some you’ll recognise as known and proven health supplements, others are completely unfamiliar.  
b)  No indication of ratios – unless you can analyse this blend, it is extremely tricky to know if you have a nutrient rich blend or a blend filled with junk.
c)  How much Protein? – there’s no indication.  It could be 90% of the cheaper whey protein concentrate and 10% of the more expensive proteins.
d)  Is it essential or a filler - Maltodextrin is thrown in the ingredient list, which while having its place in your sports nutrition diet, is a fairly cheap product that can be used to fill up the blend and carbohydrate content of a product at minimal cost.

While not all proprietary blends can be thrown in the same boat you have to ask the question, what is going into this blend and in what ratio? If the brand is unwilling to divulge the ratios then as far as we are concerned, that is a big question mark.

2.  Nutritional Profile

When  you add flavour protein powder, it alters the nutritional profile by reducing the amount of protein content in comparison to an unflavoured protein.  The ratio of protein content to flavour can also vary from one flavour to another.

Some companies may supply the nutritional profile on an unflavoured product with just a small disclaimer saying that protein content for flavoured versions will have a reduced protein content.

With True Protein, you will always know the exact value of the protein content between flavours.  On our website, simply select the flavour choice and the nutritional profile will change to reflect the actual content.  For example, our vanilla protein consists of roughly 4% flavouring, whereas the chocolate equates to around 8%. On a per serve basis this may only equate to 1g less per serve, but if you’re tracking protein consumption carefully, you need to know.

Be wary if you find flavoured proteins that have nutritional profiles similar to that of natural, because any flavours added will reduce the overall protein content.  

3.  Long Ingredient Lists

This is somewhat a continuation of the first point, but it is worth pointing out that some companies’ products ingredient lists are simply ridiculous. Generally this is most prominent in blends, fat burning, pre workout and all in one diet blends.

There are proven supplements that enhance performance and then there are filler products that make products cheap to manufacture but will add little to nothing to the effectiveness. When you consider a buying a product with an ingredient list the size of a dictionary take a moment to consider the contents and what is actually going to be effective in your diet.

Our Promise to You

1.  No proprietary blends.
We formulate our products from scratch and are involved from concept to final packaged products. We know exactly what is in our products and are happy to share that information with you.

2.  Accurate Nutritional Profiles
Whether it is a flavoured protein or a blend of ingredients like an “all in one” supplement, you’ll have access to the Certificate of Analysis and amino acid profiles to see exactly what you are getting.  

3.  Concise and compact Ingredient Lists
We keep our ingredient lists as simple as possible so you can rest assured you’ll not only know the ratio of each ingredient, but also the researched and proven benefit of that particular product.

What’s in it for me?

Bottom line, this level of disclosure and transparency allows you to make quick and informed choices when navigating our website.
We guarantee that there will be no extra fillers or underhand tactics to increase profits, just the researched and proven supplements that you need to perform and reach your fitness goals.

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