Know what you are putting in your body

By Adam Harding
16 September 2014


Our ever growing thirst for knowing stuff is a brilliant thing and on the whole information is a commodity we are able to access pretty easily. The Food industry has been leading the way in telling us exactly what is going into the foods we consume and even telling us exactly how much of our daily recommended amount we are consuming. This information is pure gold when it comes to planning an eating program!

What's In It?

Transparency of ingredients is now something we come to expect and it should be! This counts for the supplement industry too but they are somewhat slow on the uptake and are still masking what actually goes into the supplements they are providing. You should always be able to answer the question, what’s in it?

What is a Proprietary Blend?

A term regularly used by a lot of supplement brands is ‘Proprietary Blends’ which can mean absolutely anything but is essentially used to hide either what ingredient has actually been used or what dosage of ingredients are being added in.

As you can imagine this throws up a whole host of questions and concerned faces. Bottom line you need to know exactly what supplements and doses you are consuming so you know how to use it properly and balance with your diet and any other supplements you are consuming. Think about it. A company can, when using the term proprietary blends, put whatever they want in the mixture in whatever doses they desire! So you could be paying a premium for the “best blend in the market” but not have anywhere near the doses required to actually gain any benefit from it.

Can you trust protein content?

‘Protein Spiking’ is a trick used by some supplement providers to inflate the percentage of protein content without having to actually use valuable, quality whey protein. With the cost of producing good quality whey protein increasing the amount of spiking in the supplement industry is growing exponentially with companies needing to keep profits coming in.

The common way to test the protein content is to test for nitrogen as nitrogen is found in all amino-acid chains that make up protein. Only when the amino-acids are chained together will they make the foundations of protein. It is very easy to add in unchained aminos that will show up in the nitrogen test but actually don’t add to the protein content meaning companies can cut corners and save money.

Don’t despair not every brand is up to no good!

Some supplement brands have taken the bull by the horns and are striving to give complete transparency with every product they supply. With full nutritional panels, full ingredient listings and dose amounts you are given all the tools to ensure you are doing what is best for your body.

Take some time to do some research and choose a brand that will openly tell you everything that goes in so you know how much good you will get out. Better still you can choose naturally flavoured supplements to ensure you are getting the cleanest ingredients available. Be supplement Savvy!

After all knowledge is power and power means Gains!





















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